Taste MORE with Frico

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Taste MORE with Frico


Frico has a long history, ever since 1898 when the first Frico cheese was born. A history full of taste and memorable moments that made Frico what it is today; the largest producer of cheese in Holland, making cheese with all the love and passion for quality just like all those years ago. Frico cheese is crafted by experienced cheesemakers to give it its unique character, be it soft, hard, mild or strong. It’s the authentic Dutch craftsmanship in taste and quality that has made Frico cheeses loved in more than 90 countries around the world. Their highly nutritious cheeses are delicious, ideal for all the family to enjoy any time of the day!

FIND Frico at Woolworths, Harris Farm, selected IGA supermarkets and leading independent retailers.

CHECK OUT the full Frico range here!

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