Salted Caramel Recipe

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Salted Caramel Recipe


This salted caramel is perfect for spreading on toast, with hot milk for a hot salted caramel drink, or a caramel milkshake!

The French have added sea salt to caramel for a very long time to temper it sweetness. This recipe firms up overnight at room temperature to a delectable spread texture, or warm gently for a sauce.

"I love using the Maldon Sea Salt Grinder because it perfectly crushed salt to fold through your cooled caramel so you get little tiny bursts of salt instead of a uniform salty flavour." - Philip Khoury, Pastry Chef

Makes 2 x 220g Jars
  • 250g Caster sugar
  • 70g Water
  • 200g Fresh Cream
  • 100g Unsalted butter
  • 1/2 tsp Heilala Vanilla bean paste
  • ½ tsp Maldon Sea Salt
  1.  Place the water in a regular saucepan, followed by the caster sugar. Cook on medium heat until the sugar starts to caramelise. While the sugar is cooking, heat the cream in a small bowl in the microwave until hot.
  2. Once the sugar is caramelised to a golden amber colour, remove from heat and deglaze with the hot cream by gently pouring it into the caramel carefully stirring it in with a whisk. Be careful as it will bubble and spit.
  3. Whisk in butter, vanilla paste and pour into a container and use a stick blender to blend it until it’s glossy and shiny. Pour it into a wide shallow dish to cool immediately after blending. This will ensure your caramel is silky smooth when it cools! Use the grinder to crush fine sea salt evenly across the top (or to taste). Pour cooled caramel into a jar and spoon it into any number of desserts, or enjoy in a milkshake or with hot milk! 

Recipe created for Mayers by Philip Khoury:

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