Here at F.Mayer Imports, we stock an extensive range of delicious Barilla biscuits. Our range includes Baiocchi, Cuoricini, Pavesini and many more. With this range of biscuits, we have snacks, tea and coffee biscuits covered. Every biscuit lover’s tastebuds are sure to be satisfied.

Barilla Biscuit

MULINO CUORICINI 10 x 150g / Sku: 14541
MULINO PAN SI STELLE 10 x 150g / Sku: 14539
MULINO BIANCO BAIOCCHI 10 x 150g / Sku: 14537
MULINO BIANCO SFOGLIE 10x150g / Sku: 14529
MULINO PAVESINI 12 x 200g / Sku: 14540
MULINO BIANCO RINGO SNACK 12x330g / Sku: 14536