Austria and its cheeses - both are synonymous with tradition, nature and variety. Austrian cheese is primarily produced by Senner (Alpine dairymen and women) and expert cheese masters. According to ancient tradition, recipes are often handed down from generation to generation using pure natural ingredients. Their dairy stock grazes on land with clear Alpine air, pure water and unfertilized fields and this is reflected in the high quality of Austrian cheeses.

Cheese from Austria

Happy Cow Cheese (12x140g) / Sku: AU036
Happy Cow Cheese (18x360g) / Sku: AU009
Woerle Black Tilsit (1x4Kg) / Sku: AU001
Woerle Ambrosia (1x4Kg) / Sku: SW007
Ambrosia is a semi-hard cows’ milk cheese from Sweden. It is a monastery type, similar to Port Salut, but milder....