Germany has a long tradition of cheese-making and boasts more than 600 different types of cheeses. Germany is one of the world's leading cheese producers. 75% of Germany's cheeses are produced in Bavaria and the heart of German cheese making is the Allgäu, in the Alpine region of Southern Germany where the famous German Allgäuer Emmentaler is made. Allgäu cheeses are made with the highest quality milk from the soft brown Allgäu cows which graze on springtime meadows rich in alpine flowers.

Cheese from Germany

Prestige Brie (6x8x125g) / Sku: BRIE01
Prestige Camembert (6x8x125g) / Sku: CAM01
Harzer Kaas 10 x 200g / Sku: GR068
Bayernland Kefalograviera (1x10kg) / Sku: GR018
Emmenthal 4x2.5kg German / Sku: GR039