The fine cheeses of Spain express unmistakably the characteristics of their origins. Their unique qualities are protected by the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) symbol that certifies the authenticity of each variety). The tangy Manchego, the rich and sharp Madurado, the savoury Queso De Cabra and more. All superb in taste and texture.

Cheese from Spain

Maese Miguel Manchego 2x3kg / Sku: ESP15
Maese Miguel Manchego 9 months 2x3kg / Sku: ESP09M
Rocinante Spanish Sheep 100% 12 months 2x3kg / Sku: ESP17
Maese Miguel Manchego 6x1kg / Sku: ESP01
Rocinante Spanish Cabra Goats Cheese 2x3kg / Sku: ESP02
Maese Miguel Manchego 12x100g / Sku: ESP19
Pressed cheese made from pasteurized sheep milk of the La Mancha breed, with a maturation period of at least 90 days....
Maese Miguel Manchego 12 Month 2x3kg / Sku: ESP14
Pressed cheese made from pasteurized sheep milk of the La Mancha breed, with a minimum maturation period of 360 days. Certified...
Maese Miguel Truffle Manchego 2x3kg / Sku: ESP18
Cheese made from sheep’s milk with black truffle. The texture has low elasticity and buttery sensation with characteristics of a...