Here at F.Mayer Imports we stock a variety of mushroom products. We offer Forest Mix, Morelle Dry and Porcini mushrooms. Sourced from French market leader Borde, our range of mushrooms is delicious and sure to satisfy the tastebuds of all mushroom lovers.


Borde Forest Mix Dry 6x500g / Sku: BORD03
Borde Morelle Dry (6x500g) / Sku: BORD04
Borde Cepes/Porcini Extra Dry 6x500g / Sku: BORD06
IQF Whole Porcini 2-4cm (10 x 1kg) / Sku: EF50081
IQF Whole Porcini 4-6cm (10 x 1kg) / Sku: EF50090
IQF Porcini Cube (10 x 1kg) / Sku: EF50107
IQF Mushrooms Mix (10 x 1kg) / Sku: EF50148