Silikomart offers a wide range of refined and innovative products. Functional, practical and beautiful, they can satisfy the needs of ice cream makers, confectioners, chocolatiers and restaurateurs. Silikomart products are well regarded  for their excellent silicone quality and Italian production.


Silikomart Mould Pera & Fico 60x55x76mm(h) / Sku: 28314870065
Discover the 3D Fruits line! The freshness and natural beauty of fruit is enhanced by Pera & Fico by Silikomart Professional. The...
Silikomart Terracotta N15 Cube / Sku:
SF105 Terracotta Naked Siliconflex Mould NR.15 Cube. 35x35x5mm(h).
Silikomart Edged Spatula 38cm / Sku: 73438990001
SP-ANG 38 - Edged Spatula 38cm
Silikomart Edged Spatula 33cm / Sku: 73436990001
SP-ANG 33 - Edged Spatula 33cm.
Silikomart Straight Spatula 43cm / Sku: 73437990001
SP 43 - Straight Spatula 43cm
Silikomart Straight Spatula 38cm / Sku: 73434990001
SP 38 Straight Spatula 38cm
Silikomart Straight Spatula 33cm / Sku: 73433990001
SP 33 Straight Spatula 33cm.
Silikomart Straight Spatula 28cm / Sku: 73432990001
SP 28 Straight Spatula 28cm.
Silikomart Straight Spatula 20cm / Sku: 73431990001
SP20 Straight Spatula 20cm.
Silikomart Liposoluble Colour Red 25g / Sku: 73176990001
Liposoluble Colour Red 25g.
Silikomart Pointed Spatula 20cm / Sku: 73439990001
Special 20 - Pointed Spatula 20cm.
Silikomart Edged Spatula 20cm / Sku: 73435990001
SP-Ang20 - Edged Spatula 20cm.
Silikomart Piping Bags 24pce / Sku: 70097990065
Silikomart Piping Bags, 24 Piece. 36mm.
Silikomart Fiberglass Mat Circles 600x400mm / Sku: 40108990000
Fiberglass Mat 600x400mm with circles.
Silikomart Liposoluble Colour Black 25g / Sku: 73178990001
Liposoluble Colour Black 25g.
Silikomart Liposoluble Colour Green 25g / Sku: 73177990001
Liposoluble Colour Green 25g.
Silikomart Liposoluble Colour White 50g / Sku: 73175990001
Liposoluble Colour White 50g.
Silikomart Liposoluble Colour Brown 25g / Sku: 73174990001
Liposoluble Colour Brown 25g.
Silikomart Liposoluble Colour Yellow 35g / Sku: 73173990001
Liposoluble Colour Yellow 35g.
Silikomart Liposoluble Colour Blue 25g / Sku: 73172990001
Liposoluble Colour Blue 25g.
Silikomart Lipsoluble Colour Orange 25g / Sku: 73171990001
Silikomart Lipsoluble Colour Orange 25g.
Silikomart Air Mat Silicone Mat 520x315mm / Sku: 40110990000
Air Mat - Silicone Mat 520x315mm
Silikomart Air Mat Silicone Mat 300x400mm / Sku: 40109990000
Air Mat - Silicone Mat 300x400mm
Silikomart Air Mat Silicone Mat 595x395mm / Sku: 40107990000
Air Mat - Silicone Mat 595x395mm
Silikomart Fiberglass Mat 400x300mm / Sku: 40626870000
Fiberglass 5 - Glass Fiber Mat 400x300mm
Silikomart Fiberglass Mat 595x395mm / Sku: 40846000000
Fiberglass 1 - Glass Fiber Mat 595x395mm
Silikomart Terracotta NO.8 Charlotte / Sku: 36154000060
Terracotta Silicone Mould NR.8 Charlotte. Diameter 70mm, 41mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.8 Cylinders / Sku: 36119000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Naked Item NR.8 Cylinders. Diameter 63mm, 40mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta Mini Briochette / Sku: 36109000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.12 Mini Briochette. Diameter 58mm, 22mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta Mould N.8 Cube / Sku: 36104000060
Terracotta Naked Siliconflex Mould NR.8 Cube. 50x50x50mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta NO.6 Muffin / Sku: 36102000060
Terracotta Naked Siliconflex Mould NR.6 Muffin. Diameter 70mm, 40mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta Small Heart Savarin / Sku: 30089000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR. 24 Small Heart Savarin. 34x33x21mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.18 Bordelais / Sku: 30059000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.18 Bordelais. Diameter 45mm, 45mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.6 Gugelhopf / Sku: 30058000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.6 Gugelhopf. Diameter 70mm, 36mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.8 Gugelhopf / Sku: 30057000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.8 Gugelhopf. Diameter 55mm, 36mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta NO.8 Ovals / Sku: 30055000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR. 8 Ovals. 75x55x35mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta NO.7 Finanziere / Sku: 30054000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR. 7 Finanziere. 95x45x12mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta NO.3 Sponge Base / Sku: 30042000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.3 Sponge Base. Diameter 103mm, 20mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.6 Fluted Brioches / Sku: 30034000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.6 Fluted Brioches. Diameter 79mm, 37mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta Mini Bordelais / Sku: 30033000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.18 Mini Bordelais. Diameter 35mm, 35mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta Madeleines / Sku: 30032000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.9 Madeleines. 68x45x17mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.15 Mini-Madeleine / Sku: 30031000060
Item NR.15 Mini-Madeleines. 44x34x10mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.24 Florentin / Sku: 30030000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.24 Florentins. Diameter 35mm, 5mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.8 Cylinders / Sku: 30028000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.8 Cylinders. Diameter 60mm, 35mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.15 Petit Four / Sku: 30027000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.15 Petit-Fours. Diameter 40mm, 20mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.12 Cakes / Sku: 30026000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.12 Cakes. 79x29x30mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta NO.20 Mini-Financiers / Sku: 30025000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.20 Mini-Financiers 49x26x11mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta NO.5 Bug Muffins / Sku: 30024000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.5 Big Muffins. Diameter 81mm, 32mm (h).
Silikomart Terracotta 6 Muffin Medio / Sku: 30023000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.6 Muffins Medio. Diameter 69mm, 35mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta Mini Muffins / Sku: 30022000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.11 Muffins Mini. Diameter 51mm, 28mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.15 Tartlets / Sku: 30013000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.15 Tartlets. Diameter 45mm, 10mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.6 Savarins / Sku: 30012000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.6 Savarins. Diameter 72mm, 23mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta No.8 Savarins / Sku: 30011000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.8 Savarins. Diameter 65mm, 21mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta Pomponettes / Sku: 30009000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.24 Pomponettes. Diameter 34mm, 16mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.24 Half-Spheres / Sku: 30006000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.24 Half-Spheres. Diameter 30mm, 15mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.15 Half-Spheres / Sku: 30005000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.15 Half-Spheres. Diameter 40mm, 20mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.8 Half-Spheres / Sku: 30004000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.8 Half-Spheres. Diameter 50mm, 25mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.6 Half-Sphere / Sku: 30003000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.6 Half-Spheres. Diameter 60mm, 30mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.6 Half-Sphere / Sku: 30002000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.6 Half-Spheres. Diameter 70mm, 35mm(h).
Silikomart Terracotta N.5 Half-Sphere / Sku: 30001000060
Terracotta Siliconflex Nacked Item NR.5 Half-Spheres. Diameter 80mm, 40mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Tor200 / Sku: 27620870098
Tor200 H50/1 Silicone Mould. Diameter 200mm, 50mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Tor180 / Sku: 27618870098
Tor180 H50/1 Silicone Mould. Diameter 180mm, 50mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Tor160 / Sku: 27616870098
Tor160 H50/1 Silicone Mould. Diameter 160mm, 50mm(h).
Silikomart Mould Stampo Savarin 180/1 / Sku: 27818870060
Savarin 180/1 Stampo in Silicone. Diameter 180mm.
Silikomart Silicone Mould Zuccotto 180/1 / Sku: 27018870098
Zuccotto 180/1 Silicone Mould. Diameter 180mm, 90mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Zuccotto 160/1 / Sku: 27016870060
Zuccotto 160/1 Silicone Mould. Diameter 160mm, 80mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Zuccotto 135/1 / Sku: 27013870098
Zuccotto 135/1 Silicone Mould. Diameter 135mm, 67.5mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Zuccotto 115/1 / Sku: 27011870098
Zuccotto 115/1 Silicone Mould. Diameter 115mm, 57.5mm(h).
Silkomart Funnel Chocolate / Sku: 70095990065
ACC086 Silikomart Funnel Chocolate
Silikomart Microphores Tarte Ring / Sku: 52369200065
Tarte Ring. Diameter 190mm. Ring Microphores in Plastic.
Silikomart Tarte Ring No.6 / Sku: 52243200165
Tarte Ring. Diameter 80mm N.6 Rings
Silikomart Silicone Mould Gem1000 / Sku: 38335870065
Gem1000 Silicone Mould. 160x160x50mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Gem600 / Sku: 38334870065
Gem600 Silicone Mould 132x132x40mm(h).
Silikomart Mould N.8 Goutte55 / Sku: 36256870065
Goutte55 Silicone Mould N.8. 54x54x41mm(h).
Silikomart Mould Cacao 120 + Cutter / Sku: 36252870065
Cacao 120 Silicone Mould. 102x57x42mm(h) + Cutter.
Silikomart Silicone Mould Pillow30 / Sku: 36251870065
Pillow 30 Silicone Mould. 59x29x23mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Gem30 / Sku: 36250870065
Gem 30 Silicone Mould. 40x40x23mm(h).
Silikomart Mould Fingers 75 / Sku: 36248870065
Fingers 75 Silicone Mould. 130x27x27mm(h) + 10 Trays + Cutter.
Silikomart Mould Cylinder 75 / Sku: 36247870065
Cylinder 75 Silicone Mould. 126x27x27mm(h) + 10 Trays + Cutter.
Silikomart Mould Fashion Eclair / Sku: 36235870065
Fashion Eclair Silicone Mould. 130x25x25mm(h) + 10 Trays + Cutter.
Silikomart Mould N.2 Tourbillon100 / Sku: 36231870065
Tourbillon 100 Silicone Mould N.2. Diameter 140mm, 9mm(h).
Silikomart Mould N.6 Tourbillon28 / Sku: 36230870065
Tourbillon 28 Silicone Mould N.6. Diameter 75mm, 8mm(h).
Silikomart Mould N.15 Tourbillon9 / Sku: 36229870065
Tourbillon 9 Silicone Mould N.15. Diameter 45mm, 7mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould N.35 Gem5 / Sku: 36228870065
Micro Gem5 Silicone Mould N.35.
Silikomart Silicone Mould N.35 Micro Love5 / Sku: 36227870065
Micro Love5 Silicone Mould N.35.
Silikomart Silicone Mould N.35 Microstone5 / Sku: 36226870065
Micro Stone5 Silicone Mould N.35.
Silikomart Silicone Mould N.35 Micro Dome5 / Sku: 36221870065
Micro Dome5 Silicone Mould N.35.
Silikomart Silicone Mould Samurai N.6 / Sku: 36210870065
Samurai Silicone Mould N.6. Diameter 70mm, 35mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Gem100 / Sku: 36206870065
Gem100 Silicone Mould N.8. 61x61x30mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Cupido / Sku: 36200870065
Cupido Silicone Mould. 45x440x24mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Truffles / Sku: 36192870065
Truffles Silicone Mould. Diameter 62mm, 52mm(h).
Silikomart Mould N.24 Quenelle / Sku: 36187870065
Quenelle 24 Silicone Mould 63x29x28mm(h).
Silikomart Mould Armorini + Cutter / Sku: 36186990065
Amorini Silicone Mould. 63x65x39mm(h) + Cutter.
Silikomart Silicone Mould Parfum / Sku: 36185870065
Parfum Silicone Mould. Diameter 75mm, 37.5mm(h).
Silikomart Mould Mini Truffle / Sku: 36172870065
Mini Truffles Silicone Mould. Diameter 32mm, 28mm(h).
Silikomart Mould Mini Donut / Sku: 36171000065
Mini Donuts Silicone Mould. Diameter 45mm, 15mm(h).
Silikomart Mould Donut / Sku: 36170000065
Donuts Silicone Mould. Diameter 75mm/25mm, 28mm(h).
Silikomart Mould Pillow + Cutter / Sku: 36165990065
Pillow Silicone Mould 82x43x32mm(h) + Cutter.
Silikomart Silicone Mould Globe / Sku: 36164870065
Globe Silicone Mould. Diameter 45mm, 20mm(h).
Silikomart Silicone Mould Stone / Sku: 36163870065
Stone Silicone Mould. Diameter 65mm, 30mm(h).