At F.Mayer Imports we stock the best quality truffles. Great Southern Truffles (GST) is among Australia’s leading pioneers in the truffle market. Using highly experienced truffle hunters, GST ensures that the truffles are graded correctly and only the highest quality truffles are distributed. Truffles are an excellent addition to any standard dish to turn it into a delicious gourmet experience.


Great Southern Black Truffle Mustard 100g / Sku: GST04
Great Southern Black Truffle Salsa 110g / Sku: GST05
Great Southern Truffle Honey 110g / Sku: GST06
Great Southern Truffle Aiolo Mayonnaise 100g / Sku: GST07
Great Southern Truffle Butter 165g / Sku: GST08
Great Southern Whole Black Winter Truffle 20g / Sku: GST10
Great Southern Sliced Black Winter Truffle 25g / Sku: GST09
Great Southern Truffle Salsa 500g / Sku: GST15
Great Southern Black Winter Truffle Juice 150ml / Sku: GST12
Small Truffles Gourmet Gift Box / Sku: GST13
Australia Winter Truffle Frozen 250g / Sku: GST19
Australia Winter Truffle Frozen 500g / Sku: GST20
Great Southern Black Truffle Mustard 1kg / Sku: GST22
Great Southern Truffle Honey 1kg / Sku: GST23
Great Southern Truffle Oil 100ml / Sku: GST01
Great Southern Truffle Oil 250ml / Sku: GST02
Great Southern Truffle Oil 500ml / Sku: GST03