Here at FMayer Imports, we stock an extensive range of cheese and dairy products to cater to many different dining experiences and palates. Our cheese range includes internationally recognised brands such as Castello, Frico, Happy Cow and Somerdale. Lurpak butter is brought to you from world renowned Arla. With so many world-leading brands available, there’s something for everyone.

Cheese & Dairy

Barbers 1833 Cheddar (12x190g) / Sku: UK083
Barbers 1833 Cheddar (1x20kg) / Sku: UK081
Barbers 1833 Cheddar (4x1.2kg) / Sku: UK082
Barbers Sliced 6x1kg / Sku: UK10418
Bayernland Kefalograviera (1x10kg) / Sku: GR018
BURRATA 27 X 210G(2X105G) / Sku: BUR02
Grandma Singleton
Cacciocavallo (8 x 1.3kg) / Sku: IA07030
Cahills Farm Cheddar Porters Stout (1x2.27kg) / Sku: UK068
Cahills Farm Cheddar Whiskey (1x2.27kg) / Sku: UK1126
Caseficio Albiero Asiago D'Allevi (1x10kg) / Sku: IA037
Caseficio Albiero Montasio Fruilano (1x7kg) / Sku: IA050
Caseficio Albiero Pecorino Romano (2x5kg) / Sku: IA013
Caseficio Albiero Provolincino (6x500g) / Sku: IACINO
Caseficio Albiero Provolone Dolce (12x1kg) / Sku: IA006
Caseficio Albiero Provolone Dolce Ez Slice (2x5kg) / Sku: IA007EZ
Caseficio Albiero Testun Al Barolo (1x5Kg) / Sku: IA015
Caseifico Pecorino Romano (6x2Kg) / Sku: IA013R
Castello Blue Bulk (1x900g) / Sku: 22330
Castello Blue Wedge (70+) (12x100g) / Sku: 22331
Castello Burger Blue (60+) (10x125g) / Sku: 56910
Australia's first ever conveniently sliced blue cheese, Castello® Burger Blue has been created specifically to be enjoyed on burgers, with...
Castello Creamy Blue (70+) (10x150g) / Sku: 22085
A unique double cream blue mould cheese with a complex taste combining slightly salted sour cream with the rounded hoppy...
Castello Creamy Blue (70+) (6x300g) / Sku: 22332
A unique double cream blue mould cheese with a complex taste combining slightly salted sour cream with the rounded hoppy...
Castello Extra Creamy Danish Blue (60+) 10x100g / Sku: 51217
A mild blue mould aroma, buttery with a hint of oiliness and a sharp blue mould sourness overlaid on tempered...
Castello Mellow Black (55+) (6x150g) / Sku: 58041
A unique blue vein cheese made with a blend of sheep and cow’s milk and specially selected strains of blue...
Castello Traditional Danish Blue (50+) 10x100g / Sku: 51216
A fine, nutty, blue mould aroma with hints of marzipan and a soft bitterness of sourdough.
Castello White (10x150g) / Sku: 22148
Castello® Creamy White Castello Creamy White is one of the creamiest white mould cheeses you will find. Being Castello´s first...
Castello White (6x300g) / Sku: 22161
Castello White Bulk (1x1100g) / Sku: 22154
Castello White Truffle (6x150g) / Sku: 58042
Castello® White with Truffle Castello White with truffle is a delicious creamy white mould cheese with a delicate flavor of...
Castello White Wedge (6x200g) / Sku: 22350
Castello White With Green Pepper (6x150g) / Sku: 58060
White Castello is a soft mouldripened cream cheese with a distinctive, mild, rich and creamy flavour. The mould ripens the...
Christis Halloumi Box (8x225g) / Sku: HAL05
Christis Halloumi Burger Slice (11x200g) / Sku: HAL06
Christis Halloumi Low Fat (6x10x250g) / Sku: HAL02
Christis Halloumi Original (6x10x250g) / Sku: HAL01
Colla Reggiano Shaved (8x125g) / Sku: COL06
Denmarks Finest Danish Fontina (1x5Kg) / Sku: DN015
Emmenthal 4x2.5kg German / Sku: GR039
Fior De Latte (4 x 3kg) Shredded / Sku: FDL3K
Ford Farm Cheddar with Truffle (12x200g) / Sku: UK1105
Ford Farm Cheddar with Truffle Waxed (2x2.4Kg) / Sku: UK10182
Frico Edam Mild Wedge (8x220g) / Sku: FE01
Frico Edam Rounds (6x2kg) / Sku: DU003
Frico Edam Sliced (12x150g) / Sku: FES150
Frico Goats Dutch (1x4kg) / Sku: DU011
Frico Goats Dutch Matured (1x4kg) / Sku: DU011M
Frico Goats Sliced (12x150g) / Sku: FG01
Frico Goats Wedge (8x240g) / Sku: FG01
Frico Gouda Loaves (4x4.5kg) / Sku: DU006
Frico Gouda Matured (4x4.5kg) / Sku: DU007
Frico Gouda Sliced (12x150g) / Sku: FGS150
Frico Gouda Spiced (1x4.5kg) / Sku: DU012
Frico Gouda Spiced (20x255g) / Sku: FGS01
Frico Gouda Wedge (20x260g) / Sku: FGD01
Frico Landkaas Cheese Wheel (1x11kg) / Sku: DULK13
Frico Leyden (1x11kg) / Sku: DU008
Frico Maasdam Block (15kg) / Sku: DU15K
Frico Maasdam Emmental Dutch (1x13kg) / Sku: DU020
Frico Maasdam Sliced (12x150g) / Sku: FMS150
Frico Maasdam Sliced 5x1kg (2x500g) / Sku: FMS200
Frico Maasdam Square (2x3kg) / Sku: DU032
Frico Maasdam Wedge (18x260g) / Sku: FM01
Frico Mimolette Portions (24x230g) / Sku: FMP01
Frico Old Dutch Masyer Portion (20x180g) / Sku: FMP02
Frico Old Master (1x3.5kg) / Sku: DU009
Frico Smoked Cut (12x150g) / Sku: FS01
Frico Smoked Dutch (4x2.8kg) / Sku: DU010
Grandma Singletons Double Gloucester (10x200g) / Sku: UK072
Grandma Singletons Lancashire (10x200g) / Sku: UK104
Grandma Singletons Red Leicester (10x200g) / Sku: UK056
Grandma Singletons Wensleydale (10x200g) / Sku: UK105
Grandma Singletons White Cheshire (10x200g) / Sku: UK073
Happy Cow Cheese (12x140g) / Sku: AU036
Happy Cow Cheese (18x360g) / Sku: AU009
Happy Cow Low Fat (12x140g) / Sku: AU012
Harzer Kaas 10 x 200g / Sku: GR068
Igor Gorgonzola Dolce Quarters (4x1.5Kg) / Sku: IA001
Igor Gorgonzola Dolce Riserva (4x1.5kg) / Sku: IA001R
Igor Gorgonzola Piccante (8x200g) / Sku: PIA011
Igor Gorgonzola Piccante Quarters (4x1.5Kg) / Sku: IA011
Igor Gorgonzola Prepack (8x190g) / Sku: PIA001
Igor Italian Blue Di Capra (2x1.5kg) / Sku: IA016
Igor Italian Blue Di Capra (8x150g) / Sku: PIA012
Igor Italian Tallegio Dop (2x2.5Kg) / Sku: IT056
Il Truffelino 190g / Sku: UK1070
Grandma Singleton
Joseph Farms Cheddar Red USA (1x20Kg) / Sku: UK1968
Joseph Farms Cheddar Red USA (4x1.81Kg) / Sku: UK1969
Joseph Farms Monterey Jack (1x20Kg) / Sku: UK1970
Joseph Farms Monterey Jack (4x1.81Kg) / Sku: UK1971
Joseph Gallo Pizza Cheese (6x2.5Kg) / Sku: USPIZZA
Kingfisher Blue (2x1.2kg) / Sku: Blue
Kingfisher Creek Blue (8x160g) / Sku: KCB160
Kingfisher Creek Brie (6x180g) / Sku: KCB180
Kingfisher Creek Camembert (2x1.2kg) / Sku: WCCAM
Kingfisher Creek Camembert (6x180g) / Sku: KCC180