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Mayers refrigeration system uses carbon dioxide as the primary refrigerant which is highly efficient and a naturally occurring substance that is harmless to the environment. The carbon dioxide system is cooled with two super-efficient micro charged ammonia chillers which ensure optimal operating conditions are maintained all year round.

The defrosting system employs warm glycol as a heating agent which uses heat waste recovered from the refrigeration system. This type of system uses almost no energy and delivers an extremely dry environment inside the cold rooms. This greatly reduces after defrost heat loads, which in turn reduces compressor run time. The freezer sub floor uses a brand-new Australian patent to harvest low-intensity heat recovered from the liquid CO2 used to warm propylene glycol. It is pumped at a slow speed through a network of specially designed Nylon tubes built into the concrete in the cold rooms’ sub floors. This patent is a world first as it provides the first sub floor heating system that increases the energy efficiency of the refrigeration plant. By sub cooling the liquid refrigerant, it reduces the cooling systems power consumption.

Our site is regarded as the most advanced refrigeration plant for storage and distribution of food products in the Southern Hemisphere.

solar power

Our warehouse has a 99kw Solar system which covers approximately 10% of our annual energy requirement. We are offsetting approximately 100 tonnes of CO2 per year by producing power through solar energy, which is green, clean and renewable.

We are currently in the process of expanding our solar program to cover 30-40% of power demand.

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