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Claims & Returns

Claims and Returns Form

To download a copy of our Claims and Returns Form, please click here.

1. Please complete this form with all details requested and email to claims@mayers.com.au
2. If the claim contains multiple invoices, please complete a form claim per invoice number

Terms and Conditions of Sale for Goods and Provision of Services

20. Claims and Returns

20.1. Refunds or returns will only be given to the extent there is a non-excludable right to return or refund under the Australian Consumer Law or the Sale of Goods Act NSW or other applicable legislation.

20.2. The Customer will inspect and check all Products received and within 2 days of receipt notify the Company in writing of any shortage in quantity, defect, incorrect specification, damage or Products not in accordance with the Customer’s Order.

20.3. The Customer is responsible for checking that Products correspond with those Ordered prior to use. After use or expiry of the time stated herein the Product shall be deemed to be free from any defect or damage at delivery.

20.4. The Customer agrees that it will not return any of the Products without first informing the Company and either obtaining approval from a duly authorised officer of the Company or so that a Returns Material Authorisation (“RMA”) number may be issued by the Company for valid returns. The RMA is valid for 30 days. Returned Products must be unmarked, stored and handled in correct environment and temperature conditions, in a saleable condition and must include the original packaging, accessories, delivery document and invoice.

20.5. The Company does not accept Change of Mind returns. These products can still be returned if there are quality issues, damaged or products not in accordance with Customer’s Order. 

20.6. The Company do not accept returns (RMAs) outside of Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas.

20.7. The Company do not accept returns of any frozen lines which have been thawed and sold chilled.

20.8. No credit or replacement will be given unless and until Products so returned have been verified as being valid for return or are defective and are returned with approval from a duly authorised officer of the Company or a valid RMA number.

20.9. An administration and restocking fee (10% of invoice value or min $50 per order shall be debited to the Customer’s account where the returned Products prove to be not defective or not otherwise valid for return. Returned Products must be returned to the Company at the address notified by the Company.

20.10. All freight, handling and other charges in relation to returning Products (other than Products defective or not ordered) are the responsibility of the Customer.

21. Disputed Charges

21.1. If the Customer objects to any invoiced item or amount, the Customer may withhold payment of the disputed amount, but only if on or before payment or the due date for payment (whichever occurs first), the undisputed amount of the Tax Invoice is paid in full and notice in writing of the dispute is given to the Company, setting out the details of the amount disputed, the reasons for the dispute, and the basis for calculating the disputed amount.

21.2. The Company will investigate all disputes. If the amount is found to be payable (in whole or in part) then the Customer must pay the due amount within 7 days of receiving notice and the basis of the decision.

21.3. Invoiced amounts that are not objected to in writing within 30 days of the due date will be deemed to be correctly charged and accepted by the Customer and the Customer waives all claims against the Invoice.


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