Barilla Collezione Fettucine 12x500g

Product Code: 18282


Fettuccine are flat, ribbon-shaped strands of pasta which are perfect for holding deliciously robust sauces.

Barilla Collezione Fettuccine cook to al dente perfection in just 6 minutes. The thickness of fettuccine means they can hold deliciously robust sauces. Try them with dairy-based, oil-based, or tomato-based sauces, and in recipes featuring meat, vegetables or seafood.

More Information
Unit Barcode 8076809523776
Unit Weight (G) 500
Unit (L x W x H)
Carton Barcode 08076809082136
Carton Weight (KG) 6
Carton (L x W x H) 57cm x 36cm x 23cm
Cartons Per Layer 5
Cartons Per Pallet 16
Pallet Weight (KG)
Technical Specifications
Country ITALY
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